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Beautiful Persian and Oriental rugs. Perz carpets are authentic and will last for years. In the near future, we will also offer a leasing solution!

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Perz - Perzische en Oosterse tapijten

Prachtige Perzische en Oosterse tapijten. Tapijten van Perz zijn authentiek en gaan jaren mee. Binnenkort bieden wij ook lease aan!

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With Perz you bring a beautiful Persian or Oriental carpet into your home or workplace. You can read about our fascination with the East and the carpet world in our story.

We will soon be offering a lease option. We also arrange maintenance and cleaning. After a year it is possible to swap your Persian carpet. It will never get bored! Contact us to discuss the options.

The Perz team

The Perz team

Choose the Perz of your dreams.

The newest carpets in our store.

  • Deep Blue Persian carpet with colorful details

  • Classic Red Persian Carpet


Why Perz?

It is an age-old form of applied art.

The Persian carpet comes from an old tradition and is one of the first forms of applied art. The carpets have the power to turn a cold room into a warm bath. It becomes a space with which adds character that has a positive impact on customers and staff.

Choosing a carpet brings concerns, which we are happy to take care of with our services.

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Welke Perz?

Kies uit drie verschillende maten

Zorgeloos leasen met elk jaar een swap-optie


/ per maand

Perz Klein

1.50m x 2.00m


/ per maand

Perz Middel

1.80m x 2.50m


/ per maand

Perz Groot

2.00m x 3.00m

*Getoonde prijzen zijn exclusief BTW

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The story of Perz.

Our passion for Persian and Oriental rugs.

Ontstaan van Perz

The origin of Perz

Read here how Perz came into existence, how our fascination with Iran started and how our love for Persian carpets came about

You cannot force love

The real importance of a carpet is what it brings to the owner's life, not what it means to a textbook

A film that is reminiscent of the motifs of a woven carpet

The life context of culture interwoven with the rhythm of nature.

ancient Persia
at your home.

A deep blue

Deep Blue Persian carpet with colorful details

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The gentle sea

Light blue Persian rug with pink elements

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